The lean method


Workshops, research, social listening & data dives to drill down & get essential insights.


Leverage those insights by developing a strategy that can flex and amend allowing for budget constraints and market dynamics – keeping it real-time and relevant throughout execution.


Create communication collateral that is compelling, engaging to drive awareness & response.

is key

Insight is key

but that insight needs to be utilised and transformed into easily digestible, consumable assets which are relevant to and shared via the right channels to reach the target audience.

A creative

A creative smorgasbord

What’s so great about a smorgasbord? Well, you can pick and choose what you want from a variety of delicious dishes. And that’s what we serve up at Lean, cracking creative whipped up just to your taste.

We’re virtual and we’re very well connected.

Ideas know no boundaries and they travel around the world fast. That’s why our international team is working on creative campaigns across Europe and the States.

What Lean can do for you

  • Account Based Marketing
  • ABM Workshops
  • Company research
  • Strategy and planning
  • Strategy execution
  • Social media management & execution
  • CRM
  • Creative concepts
  • Design and branding
  • Copy for all content
  • Video production
  • Creative Content Packaging