Compelling Content is on the Cards

Video Cards – self-playing video screens preloaded with content and embedded in a physical box or card – are becoming both increasingly affordable and increasingly popular as a format that gets fantastic results. We love them – and our clients do too.

The quality of the screens, the technology behind them and the packaging that carries them is improving all the time. Cards can now be embossed, foiled, personalised and shrunk to the size of a business card.  And the screens can now sport HD picture quality and WiFi, allowing for increased interactivity and tracking.

At the same time competition and competence means costs are coming down making it a format that is now within reach of many marketing budgets.

We’ve been delighted to help KP Snacks create a unique video card for a recent trade event – it was the perfect vehicle for the launch of the new McCoys Chip Shop ads. Those ads were accompanied by an animated infographic that we created specially for the event and bespoke design for the card itself which reflected the energy and humour of the brand.

The possibilities for video cards are endless for both B2B and B2C and sectors. From summaries of annual reports to luxury brand video brochures, they’re a format that’s noticed, remembered and retained. And that makes them well worth considering if you have an important message you want to get across to a select audience.