A creative

A creative smorgasbord

What’s so great about a smorgasbord? Well, you can pick and choose what you want from a variety of delicious dishes. And that’s what we serve up at Lean, cracking creative whipped up just to your taste.

What’s the
big idea?

What’s the big idea?

Just that – big ideas, even for small jobs. The Lean Land is one where creativity is King. So, we try to inject as much of it as we can into every bit of work that walks out the door.

We’re virtual and we’re very well connected.

Ideas know no boundaries and they travel around the world fast. That’s why our international team is working on creative campaigns across Europe and the States.

The lean method


Workshops, research, social listening & data dives to drill down & get essential insights.


Bringing together the best talent & skills to leverage those insights.


Working together to create communications that are compelling, engaging & drive awareness & response.

What Lean can do for you

  • Video production
  • Design and branding
  • Creative concepts
  • Premium packaging
  • Proposition workshops
  • Direct mail
  • Strategy and planning
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Company research
  • Social media
  • CRM

A guide to getting your marketing video right

There are a lot of things to think about when making a marketing video – messaging, style, content, tone of voice, music –all have a role to play. Our handy guide, honed from years of experience making cost-effective and engaging marketing videos, will take you through all the elements you need to consider.

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Introducing Box Clever – Premium Packaging and Dynamic DM

Take a look at our Box Clever site. A division of Lean Creative Marketing that focuses on truly great creative concepts packaged into bespoke cardboard engineered solutions.

Take a look at our beauty video showcasing some of our products – and then feel free to see the videos below to see some more product specific videos.

A premium, tailor-made video in a box with accompanying brochure and infographic nestled in a perfectly proportioned pocket.